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July 29, 1999     San Miguel Basin Forum
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July 29, 1999

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10 - San Ml~uei Basin Forum, Thursda~,~ Jul~ 29, 1999 According to the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, authori- ties used dogs on Friday to search a number of abandoned mines in the latest search for a missing Nucla man. Dale Williams, 42, vanished under suspicious circumstances on May 27. He was last seen at the Family Market grocery store in Naturita that evening. A group of swimmers discov- ered Williams' pick up on July 4 in the confluence of the San Miguel and Dolores Rivers. The truck was empty and there was no evidence specifically indicat- ing foul play, Undersheriff Dick Deines said. S In The Montrose County rivers, Deines said. The search Sheriff's Department used dogs was not tied to any new leads, he on Friday to search for Williams said. at a series of abandoned mines Deines still finds the pickup's near the confluence of the two location in the rivers unsettling. A fund has been set up locally to collect reward money for information leading to the location of Dale Williams. In order to contribute to the fund, checks can be made to Williams Rescue Fund, c/o Citizen's State ~ank, PO Box 160, Naturita, CO, 81422. --" ~, Anyone with information r~garding the disappearance of Williams is asked to call the West End Dispatch Center at 864- 7333 or the Nucla Marshal's Office at 864-7601. Accidentally entering the con-" fluence by falling asleep at the wheel or some other means is virtually impossible, because the nearby road runs parallel to. the water, he said. The pickup was found at a right angel to the road. "I am of the opinion that it was purposely put into that river," Deines said. The pickup was found with its standard transmission locked in low gear and the ignition on, he said. Investigators have said that tire tracks leading into the water showed no signs of brak- ing. Divers attempted to search the river, which contains up to nine feet of silt in that area, bl | found no signs of Williams, he said. The investigation is still con- sidered a missing person case and no evidence specifically points to foul play, Deines said. l f m WEEKLY SYNDICATED COLUMN by PERCY ROSS Millionaire Percy Ross is known for his philanthropic work. He offers help and encouragement for those in need. He has earned a fortune and a wealth of knowledge during his lifetime and wants to share both. His motto: " He who gives while he lives.., also knows where it goes. " Criticism Could Cost Dear Percy: For the life of me I can't understand why you send money to some of the people who write you. Their problems are nothing compared to what my family is going through, I've written you twice before. First time was after our only car broke down. Second time was after our utilities were shut off. By some miracle, and not through your efforts, we were able to tackle these problems, Now I write again, but this time is different because there will be no more miracles. We're about to lose our mobile home. It's a long story how we've fallen into money troubles, of which none of it was our fault. My husband got laid off. I hurt myself at work and ,will have to wait forever before qualifying for disability. In the meantime our children are embar- rassed to use food vouchers. Oh, t tell you, it's a mess. The arrears on the mobile total $1,400 including our lot rent. Please, I'm begging you. For once, help someone who really needs it. The fact that you're paying for graduation parties, dog shots, a day at the spa, etc. is areal put down to folks like us who are struggling to feed our children and keep a roof over our heads. Think about that before you go to bed tonight. If you have any heart you won't be able to sleep. Mrs. A, S. _: The Reaper, Geneva, AL Dear Mrs. S.: If you were to stop whining about your own situation and think about mine, perhaps you'd see things differently. I am not a social service. I am not a government agency. The money I give away has already been taxed and retaxed. It is mine and i earned it the hard way. To whom and how I choose to give is entirely up to me. For youto criticize who I choose as a recipient is blatantly foolish and has done little to put your- self in a positive IighL I can say ell this only because I am going to help you out with $1,400. Are you deserving? Probably. Is it going to make e difference in your life? Temporarily. I suggest you do some long You A Helping Hand range planning and find some source of income because I doubt very much I will be in a position to help you again. Dear Mr. Ross: While my needs are many, my friends are few. A long term disability has rendered me somewhatof a recluse. Thirty years ago a car accident left me a quadriplegic. My parents cared for me until my father's untimely passing 5 years ago. Ma tried to care for me but it was too much. She developed Alzheimer's and lives in a nursing home now. At 53, I can tinker on an old computer but that's about all. No family and I've had a hard time making new friends. Except for. one-an elderly woman who lives in the apartment next' to me. She's in her mid-seventies although she won't reveal her true age. Now that you have my history, on to my request. This elderly neighbor I mentioned has a grand- daughter getting married next month. She has se- cretly confided in me that not only can't she afford a new dress, she can't afford a gift I've met her granddaughter and she's a fine girl, I'm sure she could care less wh&t her grandmother gives her as a gift just as long as she attends the wedding. My request is for $300 to cover adressl shoes, hair-do and wedding gift. If I personally had the money I'd give it to her free and clear. I guess writing you says volumes about my economy. Time is running out and I'm afraid my elderly friend's pride will prevent her from attending if she has to go empty handed. Mr. M. P .... The Telegram, Superior, Wl Dear Mr. P.: I've always admired people who have so little, yet put the needs of others before their own. The $600 I'm sending should be divided $300 to your friend and $300 to you. It's obvious how your friend will spend her share. As for you, however you spend it, I hope it brings at least some pleasure end happiness. www.thanks a m illion.com Write Percy Rose, c/o the San Miguel Basin Forum, P.O. Box 39000-B, Mpls., MN 55439. Include your phone number. All letters are read. Only a few are answered in this column; others me) ("For the best quality, value and" i i |programming, Primester ismy| |personal choice.., l enthusiasUcelly| S A T E L L I T E T VI |recommend it to all [) /} ] Call TOLL FREE Today! I of my readers" " i;I )l-:328-6,1[lq ) [ .o ..u,.-., ,. .. . u. ,o ,.o c...n.,. * .,o,u.. . .o.n.) Gov. Bi, ll Owens has estab- lished Saturday, July 31, as "Colorado Cares: A Day to Give Back" and is encouraging Coloradoans of all ages to dedi- cate themselves that day from 8 AM to 5 PM to activities that benefit their communities and state. Taking Owen's call to heart, and mindful that there are those in the West End who struggle to have enough to eat, members of Union Congregational Church in Nucla will be devoting them- selves from 8 AM to 5 PM on the 31st to soliciting donations of food for the Community Food Bank. A table will be set up in front of the Nucla Merc on that day so that donors can drop off contributions after they have finished their grocery shopping. Cash donations will also be accepted. Donations of food are always welcome. Canned and pack- aged goods can be dropped off any time at the Community Food Bank, housed at Union Congregational's Parish House at 696 Main Street, in Nucla. Continued from Page 1 Honath stated. She also said that, to the best of her knowledge, Stakes will be required to serve at least half of his sentence before becoming eligible for parole. Stakes was accused of stabbing locals, Harris, Barker and Paul Turner with a several-inch -long blade on a Nucla street cor- ner during a fight in the summer of 1998. All three men suffered serious injuries in the incident. Your local West End Office Sbtqllmm- IDmdakm - Trlp m - Qcmds, , Complete land/home const, financing with 5% down. * Ask me about our log cabin retreat -- kits I *Ask me about our display model close-outs K.Display center at 4766 N. Townsend Montrose,CO ,#