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June 30, 1988     San Miguel Basin Forum
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June 30, 1988

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6 -San Miguel Basin Forum, ii Thursday June 30,1988 D iii ii ii dust PUBLIC NOTICES Your Right to Knee, I Residents living near the Nucla Mine operated by Peabody Coal Company are lodging complaints with the company, with state officials, and with other neighbors about the clouds of dust which, Peabody says, are part of surface mining. Although PeabOdy's public relations office in' St. Louis agrees that :-~*i~ing does create dust, ~i~'; ,'~here are procedures to be,followed to control it and we|eel we are complying ~ .~h the regulations," said Gayla Hof- fman of that office. Bud Benson, manager at the Nuda Mine, acknowledges that he was approached by one of the neighbors, Jack Smith, about the amount of dust being created when top soil was being moved but says once the area was sprinkled the problem was taken care of. Mrs. Smith, however, says the fact that Peabody was not sprinkling when they move dirt makes "the dust horren- dous. And it went on day af- ter day." The St. Louis office admits that continuous sprinkling of the area and the roadway are called for when work is in progress but think the watering is being handled ef- fectively at Nucla. Another allegation being made, by Jenni Nylung-Naff to the Mined Land Reclamation Department is rocks and mud being strewn on the roadway from the blasting at the mine. The Division responded to her let- ter saying that Peabody con- ducts its "blasting operations in accordance with. MSHA, Town of Norwood Bills and AccOunts June 1,1988 GENERAL FUND: Twfla M. Hovey 991.65 Robert C. McKeover 1,014.50 Trustees 74.00 Davis Watson Municipal Judge 50.00 John Houscr Building Inspect.or 60.00 ~aLan Contract Labor 24,OHouxs Federal& FICA with. ~an Mig~el Co. Commissioners Sheriff's Contract 3 071 00 Town of Norwood Employees Water ' 30~O0 San Miguel Power KJCT-TV 19.60 San Miguel Power Office & Streets 442.04 ~loekY. Moku~.t~aln Nat'l GaS ~c~4~at ~:~ oun~am Uell ~estern Industrial Laundry Door Mat 4.60 eager:s. Mercantile ~upplie~ .. ss,n ,ontro op,er upp,,os San Miguel County Wrtght's Mesa Disposal Dist. 601.00 Quill Corporation Office Supplies 228.96 David Vince Planner 150.00 $7,769.37 WATER FUND: Norwood Sanitation District Pickup Lease 100.00 San Miguel Power Water Meter 17.06 San Miguel Power Treatment Plant 91.68 Department of Health Water Samples 19.50 Norwood Hardware Supplies 19.82 West End Express Freight 47.00 U.S.Post O f fiche Stamps 54.00 Randall Industries Chlorine & Alum 157.20 General Electric Annual Bond Payment 16,600.00 $17,106.26 COMMUNITY CENTER: San Miguel Power Power 64.25 Rocky Mountain Nat'l Gas Heat 38.36 Suzanne Eckert Cleaning $1~0[00bz61 Published in the San Miguel Basin Forum June 30,1988. CMLRD, and OSMRE regulations and the requirements of itsactive permits." Mrs. Nylund-Naff has said the blasting "causes clouds of dust so thick you cannot see across the road." The only other actively- voiced complaint about the operations is one which is connected to Peabody Coal Company but not due to it - the traffic and the "road man- ners" of some of the truck drivers hauling coal away from the mine. At the present time the State is hearing public com- ment on plans submitted by Peabody for additional per- mits to mine the area known as First Park. Approximately 160 acres have been acquired by Peabody Coal Company, or at least the mining rights to that acreage, between the western edge of the Town of Nucla west one mile, and south from BB Road to the sewer lines. "Schedules and plans (for mining that area) depend on how much coal is recovered and how much is needed by our customers," said Ms. Hof- fman. "There is no exact time frame" set for opening NOTICE !PURSUANT TO THE UQUOR LAWS OF COLORADO SIDNEY FOREST AND FRANCES ELLA HOWELL, DBA NATURITA TEXACO, 113 MAIN STREET, NATURITA, CO. 81422 HAS REQUESTED THE LICENSING OFFICIALS OF THE TOWN OF NATURITA TO GRANT A UCENSE AT THE ABOVE LOCATION TO DISPENSE FERMENTED MALT BEVERAGES UMITED TO 3.2% ALCOHOL BY WEIGHT. HEARING ON AP- PUCATION TO BE HELD AT THE TOWN HALL, 230 MAIN STREET, NATURITA, CO. TIME AND DATE: 8:00 P.M. JULY 12, J988.DATE OF APPUCATION: JUNE 14, 1988. BY ORDER OF: THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF THE TOWN OF NATURITA. ADDRESS OF THE PLACE AT WHICH PETITIONS OR REMONSTRANCES MAY BE FILED IS 230 MAIN STREET, NATURITA, COLORADO. Pgbllshad In the San b4iguef Baatn Forum June 30, 1968 . III ............ the new area. The only mining known to be planned for in 1988 is "25 acres will be disturbed" and 22 acres will be "disturbed" in 1989. Ms. Hoffman was not aware of what areas that acreage in- volve. At the moment Peabody is not moving any top soil at the Nucla Mine. Notice of Public Hearing Notice is hereby given pursuant to 6 C,C.R, 1007-1-3.9.9, 24-4-104 and 105, CR.S. (1982 and 1987 Supp.), 25-11-103 and 104, C.RS (1982 and 1987 Supp.), that the Colorado Department of Health (herein "Department"), Radiation Control Division (herein, "Radiation Dry,ion"), will conduct a hearing concerning the application of Umetco Minerals Corporation, Inc. (herein, "Umetco') for a radioecttve materials license for e low-level radioactive waste dlsposel site in Monttose Coumy, Colorado. Authority and )urisdiction for this hearing Is 24-4-104 and 105, C.R.S. (1982 and 1987 Supp.), 25-11-101 through 109, C.R.S. (1982 and 1987 Supp.(, end 6 CCR 1007-1- The facility Is located at Uravan, ap- proximately 90 mile= southwest of Grand Jun- ction, Colorado, along State Highway 141. The formal heating will begin m g:O0 a.m. on September 20, 1988, at the Naturtta Com- mun~v BuilclJ~ in the Natuttta Town Park, at the end of We= Second Street (north ut We= blain Streatl, Natmtta, Colorado, and will be continued ak nece=saW. The puq)ose el the heming is to; receive evidence on the ~ of Umetco to the RadtaUon ~n fo ~umce of a radioactive materiab license for low-~v~ radioactlvt w~te pursuant to Colorado's "Rules and Regulations pertatnln9 to Radiation Control", 6 C.C.R. 1007-1-3 and -14. end to sections 25- 11-103 and 104, C.R.6. (1982 and 1987 Supp.). Th~ head~ will be conducted in accordance with the procedure= contained In 24-4-104 and 105, CR.S. (1982 and 1987 Supp.), and 6 CCR 1007-3.9.9. Provisions for ongoing activities, and for closures end tong term cere of the waste disposal areas, are central topics of the hearing. On t~e application, dated May 31, 1988, the Department's prellmlnm'y finding Is that the authorization be limited at this time to disposal of naturally-occurlng radioactive material ("NORM"). Copies of a "Preliminary Licensing Statement" ("PLS") prepared by theRadlation Division are evaflable now. The PLS describes the proposed radtoa,:t',ve materials licensing ac- tion, reviews environmental considerations for the,proposed low-level riKlioective waste dlsposal site, and identifies eeency recommen- daiions, baled on review, of the radioactive materials license application, environmental reports and other documents submitted by Umatco. A full set Of review documents is available at: Suite 520, Ptarmigan Building 3773 Cherry Creek Drive North Denver, Colorado The Application and preliminary Licensing Statement are also available at: Naturlta Public Library Community Building, Naiurlta Park Naturlta, Colorado 81422 COmmunity Nucla Library 544 Main StTeet Nucla, Colorado 81424 Montrose Regtonal Lt~mry 434 South First Montrose, COlorado 81401 Telluttde LIl~ary 127 South Spruce Tellurlde, Colorado 81435 Mesa County Library 530 Grand Avenue Grand Junction, Colorado 81501 Denver PuNic Library Government Publications I will not be responsible for any debt other than my own. Gerry D.Reed. Published in the San Miguel Basin Forum June 23,30, and July 7,1988. 1357 Broadway Denver, Co!orado 80202 The heating trensc~l:>t, exhibits and all other referenced documents can be viewed at the Department's Reading ROom Upon their availability following the hearing. persons who may be adversely affected or aggrieved by Department action on the license application and desiring to Participate formally In the hearing, with the right to present eviden- ce, cross-examine witnesses and appeal the issuance or denial of a license, will be allowed to file e written application for party status no later than August 31, 1988, in accord with the requirements of 24-4-I05, CR.S. (1982 and 1987 Supp.), and 6 C,C.R. I007-I-39.9.3 Thereafter, application to be made a party ~d'zall not be considered except upon motion for good cause shown. The app~'Jtton tor party status must identify the individual or group applying for party status, with the addr~,=s end phone number they can be contlg.'ted. The application must also state the nature of the individual's or group's Interest in the he~tng, the specific grounds on which they me adversely affected or aggrieved, and the ~ a~mmt= of the heedng the applicant wishes to addrem. Two copies of the applicat~n should be sub- retired to : ..~b~t d. Haz~, Director, Radiation I Control, Colorado Department of Health, 4210 ' Ea~ I lth Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80220. A dect~on granting or denying party ~atus ~ll be made by the D~mment v~hin five (5) daYS ~ter receipt of the request for party status, based on the nature and extent of tha ep- p~.ant's property, flnencia], or other Interest in the hearln9 m~d the po'~ effect on the ap- plicant's Interest of any order which may be en- tered. The Department will notify applicants by mall of the deetsion on party status ~notltytn9 other applicants and pertles at the same time). Those granted or applying for party status are required to ~tend a preheating conference at 9:00 a.m., September 7, 1988, Room 412, Colorado Department of Health, 4210 East llth Avenue, Denver, Colora~, Parties w~ be required to provide all other parties, the ap- plicant and the Department with preheating statements containing a brief summary of fac* tual and legal claims of the party and the basis therefore, copies of exhibits which may be sub- miffed at the hearing, and a list of Witnesses together wttha b'~ef s~t~m~t o~ the testimony they will present. Except for good cause shown or for evidence or testimony accepted as rebut- tal, no witnaS may testify nor may ~ny exhibits be Introduce on behalf of a party of applicant to be a party who had notice of the preheating conference unless such witness he= been previouSlY ~ted and/or his written testimony and related exhibits have been presented to op- posing partle= at the preheating conference. Before, at, or aher the hearing, Interested persons without party status will be Permitted to submit written comments on the license up. plication end the PLS by delivering the com- ments to All~rt Ha,de at the DePartment ad- dress above, on or before September 30, 1988, Comments may be presented oral]y or in writing at the public hearing, A specific time will be Set aside at the hearing for receipt of oral comments, and e form will be avail#o~ prior to and during the hem'th~ to indicate Intent to present oral comments. A more complete de~'qption of the statutory and regulatory requirements for the hearing procedures are found at 6 C,C.R. 1007-1- 3.9,9 and 24-4-105, CR.S. (1982 and 1987 Supp.). Questions about this notice should be direc- ted to Ken Weaver, Radiation COntrol Division, Coloredo Department of Health, 4210 E~mt 1]th Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80220, telephone {3031 331-8480. Albert J. Hazle, Director Radiation Control Divlston Published In the San Miguel Basin Forum on June 23, 30 and July 7. 1988